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Default Re: John carmack on next game engine.. cool stuff.

Originally Posted by Skrot
Apparently they want the development time to be less than Doom3. Carmack said (in the very thing that you're replying about), "I would expect that by the end of this year we'll probably be rendering some demo scenes that will be indicative of what the technology is eventually going to be producing." Now If you ask me, that sounds like that this year they're going to be able to create some screenshots of what the game will look like. Now whether they release them is another thing.

I realise that your post was probably in jest, but it looks to be a somewhat incorrect joke. At this stage anyway...
Well i really hope that it wont take very long , but thats the usuall trend for big games ... theres always delays & other complications that prevent the game to get released as the developer intended .
seeing that UE3 is slated due to 2006 .. i wouldent be suprised for the next JC engine to take 4 years or so .

anyway i'm exited to see the features mentioned there in action .. the lighting & shadwoing techniques are the most subjects that interest me when it comes to graphics .

& yes .. i can tolrate a game with bad gameplay elemnts for a high quality graphics . it just depends on the player .

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