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Unhappy Any one know how to modify intialisation of TV MODE in ti4200 bios?

i have a msi Geforce4 Ti4200 with saa7104 tvout chip. I cannot modify the "TV MODE" in 'bioseditor 1.0rc3 520' in initialisation tab.
Is there any one know what's the address in bios i can modify and the value for "pal". The default setting is "ntsc" or "ntsc-m".

I have same problem with mx440 and his integrated MV chip.

I see people say there is some bios configurated for europe with "pal" default. If is true there is some bios aviable somwhere for my problem.

If anyone can tel me what can i do, i will be very happy.

Thank in advance and sorry gor my very little english.

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