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Default Did I Miss Something Re: .6111 and 2.6.8 Kernel?

Are there known issues with the 6111 driver, Xorg 6.7 and the kernel?

The driver worked fine on a Slackware machine usiing a 2.4.26 kernel. After I built and installed a vanilla kernel, the Xorg serrver complains that it can't find the nvidia driver.

X does go ahead and run, though, apparently with the vesa driver. There's no nvidia splash screen. However, the driver is installed correctly. An lsmod shows the module is not loaded. An "insmod nvida" did load it, however.

The xorg.conf file had been edited for the nvidia driver with the 2.4.26 kernel and was not altered for the kernel. The card is a GeForceFX 5900XT.
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