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Default Re: works under root but not under normal users

i don't have a Xorg.0.log on my system, only a XFree86.0.log... but very long, i think too long to paste it here... i've had a glance at that, and i didn't see any error... which section approximatively do you want me to show you?

here's the result of tail /var/log/messages:

Sep 6 18:55:00 waza CROND[23849]: (root) CMD ( /usr/share/msec/
Sep 6 18:56:00 waza CROND[23872]: (root) CMD ( /usr/share/msec/
Sep 6 18:57:00 waza CROND[23910]: (root) CMD ( /usr/share/msec/
Sep 6 18:58:00 waza CROND[23938]: (root) CMD ( /usr/share/msec/
Sep 6 18:59:00 waza CROND[23987]: (root) CMD ( /usr/share/msec/
Sep 6 19:00:00 waza CROND[24083]: (root) CMD ( /usr/share/msec/
Sep 6 19:01:00 waza CROND[24115]: (root) CMD (nice -n 19 run-parts /etc/cron.hourly)
Sep 6 19:01:00 waza CROND[24117]: (root) CMD ( /usr/share/msec/
Sep 6 19:02:00 waza CROND[24145]: (root) CMD ( /usr/share/msec/
Sep 6 19:03:00 waza CROND[24192]: (root) CMD ( /usr/share/msec/

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