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Hehe. Yeah I doubt youll have any speed problems.

Have you tried the settings I mentioned earlier? I was amazed to see this game running smooth with 2x AA & 4x Aniso at 1280x1024 (on my P4 2AGHz, GF4 TI4600 (325/725), 512 MB DDR, 21" Trinitron). Your rig is faster than mine, so if it works for me, you should fly right through!

Looks incredible. The textures in both MOH games are already great, so even just 4x Aniso keeps them sharp & crisp even at a distance. 2x AA seems to do a good job of smoothing edges (at least on these 2 games); I have to go looking to see any jaggies, and of course there's not much time for that when a platoon of pissed-off Nazis are trying to kill you...

Both MOH games have given me new respect for my GF4.
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