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Default Re: Cloning hard drive with dump and restore commands

An alternative method that you might find easier is using the find command and piping it to cpio. To do this:
1. Mount all partitions
2. find -print -mount / | cpio -pdmv /mnt/
find -print -mount /boot | cpio -pdmv /mnt/boot
find -print -mount /var | cpio -pdmv /mnt/var
and so on for all your partitions. You might also try:
find -print / | cpio -pdmv /mnt/
to do all partitions at once.

The advantage to this over cp -R is that it won't get confused on symlinks and devices. The advantage of it over dd is that it won't try to copy empty space. And finally, the advantage to using it instead of dump and restore is that it will work on any filesystem, not just ext2/3.
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