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Default Re: Something you dont hear everyday...a game has gone gold! ( Star Wars BF)

This game looks like a cheap rip-off of the BF series, only set in the Star Wars universe. At first, I was looking forward to this game, then I saw that:

1. It only has up to 16 characters totaled. Smells like it was coded to work online with the consoles first, then the PC. The BF series supports up to 64. I don't know about u guys, but I want my battles to be big and hectic, and having 8 players on each side in a big battle is, well, not dramatic enough for me.

2. Graphics aren't that great.

3. NO JEDIS! What kind of Star Wars game is that with no freakin' Jedis?!

They should've upped the player count to 35+, and they should put Jedis in there. I know they're super strong, so they should liimit the number of Jedis to 1 or 2 per team, depending on how many there are. Hard to kill, but the limited number evens it out, and makes you feel more special in getting a Jedi class. To make it even more fair, everyone should be alotted a random ticket number so they get their turn in being a Jedi or something.

As it stands, this game looks and, IMO, will be . BF2 is the best game coming out in this genre.
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