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Default Re: status updates forum?


No comment on the above. Lets just say that one of our networking teachers, when he gave us hacking tools also told the class he best not find out we're up to no good with these things, else he'll really give us something to worry about. He also added we better pray really, really hard if he finds out we're up to nepharious purposes, as nothing short of a miracle would save us from his wrath

Not sure how serious he was, but I'm not of a mind to be a cracker anyhow. Nonetheless, in testing out one's own security and what not, one does need to test, hence why we were given these things...

Oh, and on the updates forum, there are other ways we can notify. Usually update forums are restricted to announcements concerning forum issues from what I've seen. Blizzard (in their forums) also use it to announce issues with their gaming network...
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