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Originally posted by Gator
they should definetly change the name, I was wondering about the specs myself, and nowhere on NVidia's site did they mention a TI4800 GPU chipset. What chip is it? A TI4200 overclocked? Or is it a TI4600 with slower memory. Either way, it doesn't deserve the right to be called TI4800 thats simply false advertising.

Maybe they should simply call it "GeForce4 TI-8x"
the Ti4800 is rumored to be a gf4Ti4600 AGP 8x, and the Ti4800SE is rumored to be a gf4Ti4400 AGP 8x.

i'm not sure this makes all that much sense, with the rumors, again, that nvidia was going to stop Ti4400 production because sales of this model weren't too hot. or maybe this last one wasn't a rumor, whatever.