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Default Re: John carmack on next game engine.. cool stuff.

Originally Posted by Intel17
No, its a New renderer, based on the Unified lighting its an extension on the actual tech of Doom 3, but a new renderer.


but its more like a huge update ,than a completely rewritten rendering engine ..(technically speaking).. far from that. he even said that many of the new things are already in the DOom3 engine before the game was released but not used .but in the eyes of people it will be something revolutionary. Unreal3 like .. but even much better unless he was only teasing us with stuff he will like to see ,but that will be dropped in the end for performance reasons. heck the most amazing part was that he even suggested to allow Photton mapping radiosity lighting in the engine for non realtime gaming (to use the new engine as an 3danimation software) and ship a game where people not only can play ,but also increase the quality to movie like levels for demos or previewing purposes..

albeit you can do animations in 3dmax /lightwave etc.. but you dont have there a complete gaming enviroment ,(physics/AI/pre-made monsters/story etc.. everything conected)where you can't download and use others quality work or where you can't simply click the mouse or jump the editor and add another monter/or another wall or machine and jump in the level with the click of a button like if you were going to play it .all that with final fantasy quality graphics .

but its better to wait and see i dont want this time to hype to much Carmacks next engine.. Hopefully it will be as good as Unreal3 or maybe even better. Doom3 will be a good stopgap until those engines games are released.
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