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Default black screen when starting Xserver

Heya all,

I just installed the latest NVIDIA-drivers. However when I start the Xserver, the screen turns black. Actually ... all virtual screens turn black. I cannot switch back to console since that one is black too ... I can only press ctrl+alt9delete as far as I know to reboot. I have attached my Xorg.0.log.old ... I compiled the kerlen interface.

It seems I first attached the nv-configuration .. I kno wuploaded the right configuration-files ...
The .old one is th not-working one where I load the glx-module and the other one is on ethat works without the glx-module

I'm using kernel on archlinux.
The nv-driver works. I'll also attach my xorg.conf ...

Hope someone can help me with this ...



P.S.: it seems it will refuse my uploads because of the extension ... so I'll rename them, but can't the files be checked on the contents? Anyway ...
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