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Default Re: Xorg , nv driver and mtrr

Originally Posted by gilboa
Execute this:
$ echo 'disable=00' > /proc/mtrr
$ echo 'disable=01' > /proc/mtrr
$ echo 'disable=02' > /proc/mtrr
$ echo "base=0xe2000000 size=0x01000000 type=write-combining" >/proc/mtrr
$ echo "base=0xe0000000 size=0x02000000 type=write-combining" >/proc/mtrr

Now try running X.
OK, i've stopped X, (telinit 3), executed those commands, and i got two regions with mtrr registers in /proc/mtrr
After running X, it's just one region again.
Maybe i will ask in the Xorg forum for this issue.
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