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Unhappy MSI fx5950 Ultra display troubles (artefacts)

Hi in there!
first, excuse me for my english, I hope that everybody will undrestand me well.
My fx5950 Ultra works quit well, with games like counter strike. It gives a good score under 3DMARK whit no display trouble. But when i try something like far cry or Ground control 2, after a few minutes, display turn bad and a lot of artefacts appears, (like snow). lost of textures and sometimes holes in graphics. MY card is fully updated,last bios, last forceware. I eaven tried to flash it with a leadtek bios for the same GPU, but nothing made it. I really don't know what else I could... except bring it back to the shop... I can say that "your my last chance!"

Please everybody ..... HELP ME!!!!!!
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