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Default Re: Half Life 2 RC pushed back ....again....

Originally Posted by holmes
eh, no big deal.. I got MOH:PA, COD:UO, BFME to tide me over well into 2005...

i have been saying it.. early in the year.. but people never listened..

i told last year back in Sep30 leak that if that was everything VAlve have done for the game.. it will not be released earlier than aug/Sept 2004 .. not only because the game was ~50% unfinished ,but because of the leak make things more dificult since they also need to modify things already finished ..specially the ones that deals with Steam accounts/cd keys etc/game cheats etc,,... my first guess was august/SEtp in the best case.. with ATI employees themselves helping in the development. but seems now that it will be a november retail release with probably an online release 1-2 weeks earlier. if the game dont ships this year i will be very much surprised... but still is not impossible.. because many times nasty Bugs appears very late in the development when people dont expect them. Hl2 huge DEV team ~70.. can not only be an advantage ,but a disadvantage too.. if too many people place their hands in the game code.. it is far more dificult to find Bugs made by others than those made by you.

there shoud be at least 3-4 weeks before the game is released a [GOLD announcement.] so the better guide is to not miss any changes made in the .. for HL2 dates.. in the incoming 1-2 weeks. if they are not 100% accurate they will be changed by what the publisher vivendi says to them. right know they have Nov/1/2004 as their final date.
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