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Default Re: 6800 ultra freeze

I haven't messed with the Enemy Territory expansion, but RtCW plays nicely (when it runs). Smoother running on my 6800U than on my Ti 4600, with the exception that it always runs with the Ti 4600 in the system and with the 6800U sometimes runs and sometimes locks up. The Ti4600 was good at 1280x1024 at near maxed settings, the 6800U likes 1600x1200 with all maxed (again, when it runs rather than locks on the way in...). The drivers need work for the 6800 series cards, we should see a new driver (they need to get the 6600 series in anyway...) soon, hopefully they will improve the situation. If Pixar upgraded the GPUs in their workstations maybe this would be a higher priority... I was spoiled with the stability with my Ti 4600, with the 6800U I'm wearing out the reset button any time I try to run anything OpenGL.

If the card weren't so expensive, the temptation to do a little tinkering with a 4 pound sledgehammer would be difficult to resist...

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