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Default Re: NForce 2 and Linux

Honestly, as far as staibility with this mobo and linux w/3D acceleration, I've had numerous headaches. I've scoured many threads suggesting to try this or that and as of yet have been unsuccessful getting my system completely stable. Granted, I've not tried all solutions as I've been tinkering w/ 3D acceleration on the comp in my sig "for fun" as I have linux on two other machines (w/ 2D accel) that are rock stable. Things are looking up though as I've been able to get it much more stable than it used to be, although it still suffers from the occasional lock-up. I haven't been able to determine if it's the mobo, video card drivers or just a config issue. Actually, in an attempt to get it more stable I flashed the mobo BIOS, which went sour, so I'm currently waiting for a recovery chip in the mail. Don't take this as an indication that it's impossible, but it does take some work.. at least for me.

good luck!

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