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Hi, yea I installed the nforce drivers (.tar) within Red Hat 8. I manualy edited the modules.conf file.

I rebooted and Redhat detected it. It asked me if I wanted configure my network and I did. Redhat finished loading but I noticed my network was not working. I then went to the Netconf and sall the newly added NIC was "Inactive". When I try to actiavte the nic it say's it can't. I have even tried another PCI NIC that has worked in redhat 8 before, and it tells me the same thing.

The only thing I can think of now (which I read over and over again) is to disable PNP (plug and play) in the Bios. However, I don't see an option in the bios. To tell you the truth, this is the worst bios I have ever seen.
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