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Default Re: Nvidia 6111 on Mandrake 10 kernel - What is RivaFB?

Perhaps I didn't provide enough info?
Here comes my hardware and the XF86Config-4 file.
[The hardware works excellent though]

Case: Colorcase Silent 69U6B w 300W HEC PSU
MB: Abit AT7-Max2 - VIA-KT400; BIOS: Paltrudes BIOSmod – EB / 2.13C
CPU: AMDXP Barton 2500+ (333[166])
CPUCooler: ThermalTake Silent Viking II with Ductingmod
RAM: 2* Twinmos 256MB 333 Cas2
GPU: Leadtek Winfast 280 LE TDH MYVIVO (Geforce 4 - 4200, 128MB DDR, 8X AGP) - Zalman ZM80C-HP Cooler
NIC - integrated: VIA Rhine2 10/100Mbits
Sound - integrated: [VIA 3059] - AC97 Codec - “Realtek ALC650 chip”

VIA-IDE: [Trouble with ODD:s on Secondary (IDE 2)]
Primary Master: Plextor 708A – Latest firmware.
Secondary Master: Western Digital; 80 Gb, UATA 100, 7200Rpm, Buffer Size: 8 MB - (Latest Firmware)

Two 12" Fans, Front and Rear. (Sucks air into case in front, and blows out in the rear.)

OS: Linux Mandrake 10 – ACPI / APIC Disabled
Latest Mandrake Kernel
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