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Question Re: Poor OpenGL performance 4 drivers, 2 kernels, 6 different configs

Yes, I have MTRR enabled in the kernel, of course, i haven't tried any kernel without this option set because it would loose performance (and im no talking about nvidia drivers only )

well i was able to "PARTIALLY" Solve it, i had to "reinstall" xorg-x11 not emerging it only, i had to "emerge -C" (remove it) and then emerge xorg-x11 again... , but the only drivers that work are 5336, and i'll better leave it as that for the moment, (at least i can play, and work), 6111 and 6106 still have the same problem i first stated on my first post, i would like if nvidia sees this issue, i don't know what's happening, and i would really like to use lastest drivers, without having to "reinstall" Xorg :/, mostly on gentoo, coz' i have to compile it from scratch (and as anyone will guess, is pretty annoying)

I really like Nvidia Cards, (i had 4 so far), but the state of the drivers for linux is confusing for the moment, at least they don't suck as much as ATI ones do.

Greetings All..

P.D. Please, don't kill the thread, i would gladly aprecciate if anyone has comments/suggestions so we can trace this problem..
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