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Default Re: Nvidia 6111 on Mandrake 10 kernel - What is RivaFB?

Ah, Ok. I thought I searched the forum but perhaps I didn't know what to look for?
Rivafb didn't help obviously

As su in the nonX window [terminal], I ran the:
sh --add-this-kernel
which made the:

I then ran:
which installed nicely.

Exited su

I then entered KDE [just typed kde and entered] for a change of the XF86Config-4 [nv to nvidia] but I got 10-15 core dumps just while loading KDE.
After that I tried Gnome which gave me no problems at all, perhaps cause it was started for the first time?

What's that about? Does that command change anything important? Or is KDE tricky with it's utilities like system monitor and stuff? I had it set to start when KDE was loaded and it also gave me problems when I updated the kernel originally, which I can understand since the utility depends on the kernel LOL.

But this was new to me... Any ideas?

Many thanks for your help buddy, I hope I will earn it in the future

Originally Posted by zander
Well, it has been mentioned here (i.e. in a variety of "1.0-6111 doesn't install on Mandrake 10" sort-of threads) before...
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