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Originally posted by d1rX

Oh so the best way to recover is to go into Iraq and "smoke them out of their holes" eh ? It seems that US can't recover without violance under the pretext of "national security"
Nobody in Iraq is gonna get "smoked out of their holes". Protecting the united states, heck, any country, has required the use of force. This is no different, if we attack, which we will, we will be more than justified in doing so. Hussein has been in there way too long, he has been lucky that he has been able to remain in power due to the democrat's mutilation of the CIA and its powers. Bush Sr. let Hussein slip away, Clinton sat on his lap and this time his card is up. In order to recover from a problem you have to remove the problem first. Otherwise it will come back and bite us in the ass like it already has. "Eh".

Oh by the way, before anything else is said I suggest someone moves this forum or something. Eh.
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