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Default Re: Poor OpenGL performance 4 drivers, 2 kernels, 6 different configs

Ohh, of course, else would be a bit pointless to struggle with this problem for so long, almost every gentoo-nvidia problems related forum back at mentions it and also, if i were a total gentoo newbie, when you emerge nvidia-glx, portage warns you about "opengl-update", so well...

Well, altough is "Partially" Solved, it is still SLOW, (but at least not choppy or stuttery), at least i can work a little in blender, (wich is unusable with 6111 or 6106) , i've seen a lot of problems with fx5200 and 6111/6106 around in the forums, maybe a little driver bug with this chip?...

In Any Case, thanks energyman, at least shows the interest in my problem...
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