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Default Re: Poor OpenGL performance 4 drivers, 2 kernels, 6 different configs


well, a lot of people complaining about glx-probs here, in the mailing list and the gentoo forums, and all that went wrong was, they did not did an opengl-update.

Yes, the warning is there, it is mentioned in the docs, in the FAQs everywhere, still, some people have problems to read them.

Ok, you are not stupid ;o)

Hm, have you ever used the installer directly? If yes, then X is maybe loading up a mix of libs, I had that once, gives you an almost normal glxinfo output, but choppy opengl performance.

If not, you may want to install the 6111 driver and then replace one of the tls libs with the other (there are at least two of them). If I remember right, someone in this forum solved his performance problem this way, but you should search for the thread (some weeks old now). One is in /usr/lib/opengl/nvidia/lib/ the other in /usr/lib/opengl/nvidia/tls. But beware! That was not on a gentoo system, so this may not help and make everything worse. You should backup the files you are overwriting somewhere save (not /tmp).
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