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Default Re: Configuring twinview on Red Hat 9.0

Originally Posted by massi
I face a problem like yours do you find a solution
I'm native in Computer science.
I install LRh , my graphic card is Geforce fx 5200.
when fining the screen is black
what can I do, which driver I have to install and from where can I downloaded it ???
halp please

I found that my card will do twinview in Windows XP but not in Linux. I bought a second nvidia card (pci geforce 4 MX) and now my system does twinview just fine.... so it's not the system... there is something strange with the card. I had an FX 5600XT that would do twinview just fine with the exact settings I used for he FX 5200. That's how I'm sure it's an issue wit my card.

I also sent something in to nvidia on this as a bug report. I've got an FX5200 128Mb from PNY.
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