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Default Re: Poor OpenGL performance 4 drivers, 2 kernels, 6 different configs

ok My CFLAGS=-Os -O2 -march=athlon -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer

but, energy, i've found out something really interesting!!!
thanks for the tip on the TLS thing, got me working some more...

ok, when i run X trought: /etc/init.d/xdm start (gdm is my default session manager "and its also set in /etc/rc.conf), my performance with 6111 is totally crappy

BUT, when i do a plain startx or i set rc.conf to xdm, and log in to twm performance is normal!, but some games (wich i used for testing) complaing about no version information on /usr/lib/, and some others like "foobilliard" corrupt their textures

i've tried the TLS thing, one way and the other, no difference...

im not sure what exactly causes the culprit, see, when i start XDM or STARTX from the console everything (well more or less) works fine, but if i use GDM or KDM, the performance drops as first stated on the post..

well, i've been editing gdm.conf and xdm-conf to see what does gdm to break it, and what causes xdm to NOT break it, but, i cannot go much further, i had almost two hours trying different X start lines for gdm, and i really don't want to startx from the console , im totally misguided from here

Any suggestions would be gladly aprecciated..
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