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cool running mon !
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yes thx for the enlightment

u should build a link on your sig to a dedicated website with related info and free Ph D virtual diplomas , then also makes a tv show, and may be a theme park, some good merchandising like derek smart puppets
Bigus wrote :

Hence, the quote became my signature here, and at Rage3D, and at OTCentral, HardwareCentral, TheAdminPage, PlanetUnrealForums, 3DGPU, MagicKleanForums, r3mix, hydrogen audio, Rx7Club, SRO forums, and DoA forums.

Wow this Derek Smart (is he ?) is gonna become a real star with all those spreaded banners on the web
Bigus do u still have time to wash your dishes after checking out all those web forums ?
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