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Default Re: Technical details about the 5700

Benchmark Date/Time : 09/09/2004 17.27.46

System Information
CPU : Intel(R) Celeron(TM) CPU
GFX : NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra
OS : Microsoft Windows XP

Benchmark Result
FrameBuffer Clear : N/A
Color Fill : N/A
Z Fill : 1689,846 M-Pixel/s
Color + Z Fill : N/A
Single Texture : 1105,056 M-Texel/s
Dual Textures : 1579,745 M-Texel/s
Triple Textures : 1141,309 M-Texel/s
Quad Textures : 1032,192 M-Texel/s
1 Floating Poing Texture : N/A
Render to Self : N/A
PS 1.1 Simple : 877,8547 M-Pixel/s
PS 1.4 Simple : 876,8717 M-Pixel/s
PS 2.0 Simple : 875,8886 M-Pixel/s
PS 2.0 PP Simple : 875,8886 M-Pixel/s

Benchmark was done at 640x480x16 @ 60Hz + Z16 to minimize the impact on bandwidth. The card was clocked at 450MHz core / RAM (DDR2).

Judging by the figures:
The card can write up to ~4 Z/Stenicl values per clock (3.75 measured)
The card can output more than two pixel per clock when working in single texturing mode (2.45 measured)
The card works like a plain 2x2 configuration with an odd number of textures (Look at the "triple texture" fillrate: 1141 Mtex means .845 pixel/clock like you would expect from a fixed configuration 2x2 architecture)
The card has only two pixel shader enabled pipelines for a peak throughout of ~2 pixel per clock (1.94 measured)

Conclusion: Nv36 has a strange hybrid architecture: either only half of its pipelines are "fully fledged" meaning that they have loopback capabilities and programmable ALUs (shaders) or the card has only two pipelines but their output stage (ROPs) can write 2 Z/color values in certain situations.

This is puzzling me. That's why I asked help from the resident experts.
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