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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by ynnek
No, 1.2 patch with SM3.0 gave no visual improvement.. if anything it probably brought more visual glitches.. ANyways, the 1.2 patch was recalled.

Just run 1.1 with the SM2.0 fix.. its a dll you put in the FarCry folder that forces SM2.0.. My 6800GT ran it just fine in this mode and looks great "how its suppose to look" dunno why Crytech lumps the 6800 with the rest of the fx series..
The 1.2 patch with SM3 runs fine on 6800 cards for the most part. I haven't encountered any visual glitches other than some simple gameplay glithes. The performance improvement is nice too.
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