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Default Re: ragejg's suggestions:

Originally Posted by ragejg
I'd like some feedback on some suggestions I have... I didn't put this in the staff forum because I'd like to know what some members think about these ideas...

1. the "reviews" section is a bit too complicated compared to other sites... Yes, by mfg is cool, but most of us in the entusiast community tend to remember things in some sort of chronological order... I'd like to see the reviews listed in chronological order, if possible... BTW, my 5900XTOC review isn't even listed in the reviews section.... I have to do a Google search for "Grabski 5900" to get to my review... and I think this review may be benificial to those looking for a ~ $180-$200 card at the moment.
agreed... i only usually ever use the reviews once in a while but its a good idea for comparative purposes...

2. I'd like to reinforce that a weely/biweekly poll would be a neat feature. Any progress on this?
I think there was a poll on this recently wasn't there.. and most people wanted one? either way.. it would be nice..

3. Front page posts by staff. I think that the staff members here @ nvnews could really benifit the site by possibly (on a rotational basis of some sort) posting an opinion or news piece on the front page once every few days or so. We as a website staff do work as a team, we do communicate quite a bit, and our input on an occasional basis on the front page might be a pretty cool thing. Personally, I'd like to be able to place a small piece on the front page once every week or two... Could this be done? Does our community think this would be a cool thing?

... So what does everybody think of these ideas? I'd like to help make this site a bit more accesible and friendly to its users...

it would be nice for a coupla others though juice makes a valid point about too many cooks spoiling the broth... I think its a simple matter of adding people via admincp to access the news posting section...

it would be nice if for some of the news items that are singular/more important entities (rather than a list) that we could post comments directly on the front page...

something to the extent of the attachment I posted...

/me shrugs

just an add-on to the news idea...
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