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Default Freezing Problems, Still Unresolved. (PLEASE anything)

Hello there everyone. I am still having the notorius freeze problem. I'll be using my computer as normal and then the mouse will move but nothing reacts to clicking and the screen completely stops. I don't have this problem with Windows. This has happened when clicking the Kmenu, minimizing windows, opening weblinks, playing games, not playing games, clicking icons, you get the hint. I can't seem to find any pattern at all. It seems to do it whenever it wants.

The reason that I know its the driver is because if I were to set it back to NV, I would not get the problem. In fact I let it go for almost a week with the stock opensource driver with no problems, but as soon as I switch it to the nvidia driver, it froze within 15 minutes.

My question is if Nvidia has a fix yet. Are they aware of this problem at all? Is there a fix from anyone else if Nvidia doesn't have one? Please understand the urgency, I use this PC for college work, writing and things, (games to pass the time) and I need this to be stable. I can't use the NV driver because if I did I wouldn't be able to play any games...
It's just annoying when I have to save my work every two minutes because I cannot trust my computer.

Anyway enough rambling, the fact is this: Whomever gives me a fix for this will be considered LORD OF LINUX AND ALL THAT IS HOLY. (You would have my thanks).

PC: Intel MOBO, PIII 500mhz
RAM: 768MB
Video Card: Geforce FX 5200 128MB (Driver 6111)
Fedora 2 with all updates

It freezes random times
When it freezes the screen stops, the mouse doesn't
When it freezes I need to give it a hard reset
This problem does not happen with Windows (I need to get rid of Windows once I fix this)
This problem does not occur at all with the NV driver

Please, ANYTHING I can (hopefully) try without sacrificing video performance.
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