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Default Re: Technical details about the 5700

NV36 is a 2*2 Chip that can work like a 4*1 in cases were the loopback is not needed.

There are primary two conditions to make this possible.

1. On the outputside from the pixelprocessor to the ROPs you need 2 datachannel for each pixel.

2. The trisetup need the ability to split one texturcoordinate in two.

If you run this mode the pixelprocessor will fetch values for 2 pixel with TMU 1 and additional 2 pixelvalues with TMU 2. The Trisetup have to modify the second texturecoordinate with the offset for the second pixelblock. After the fetch you have for each "pixel" 2 values in the pixelprocessor. Both values are transfered to the ROP and interpreted as two pixel.
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