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Default Re: John carmack on next game engine.. cool stuff.

Originally Posted by Skrot
Apparently they want the development time to be less than Doom3. Carmack said (in the very thing that you're replying about), "I would expect that by the end of this year we'll probably be rendering some demo scenes that will be indicative of what the technology is eventually going to be producing." Now If you ask me, that sounds like that this year they're going to be able to create some screenshots of what the game will look like. Now whether they release them is another thing.
Sounds like what happened at the Mac Expo shortly after Doom3 development began. They showed a few demo scenes on the GeForce 3. Everyone was drooling and panicking - "OMG! I have to pre-order a GeForce 3 now (for 500 bucks) to play Doom 3!" and it was 3 1/2 years before we actually saw the game, and you really needed something more than a GF3 to play it on by then.

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