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Default Re: nVidia techdemo's running slow on my 6800 !?

You could have the prob I was having - I was getting NASTY performance on both Nalu AND Timbury (not even terribly good 6600/lite!), and then I discovered - I had my global driver settings defaulting to control AA and AF - set 'em back to application controlled, and you should get a fairly massive performance boost. Bear in mind, you're never gonna get 6800U performance in Nalu 6800 in particular - it's INCREDIBLY memory hungry, to the extent that I couldn't even run it with my Swap file disabled, but you should get *relatively* smooth playback - certainly better than 10 fps. If you're getting issues with Timbury, and this ISN'T your problem, you should check using Rivatuner to make sure all your pipes are enabled, as Timbury runs perfectly on mine since I let apps control their own AA/AF.
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