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Default Re: XVideo ext -> image shearing/corruption

Hi all, found a workaround/fix (thanks to joback), at least that works for me, and it sort of does make some sense. I simple edited my XF86Config-4 file and modified the "VertRefresh" option. According to the manual for my ViewSonic, the display can handle signals in the range 50Hz-75Hz, so that's what I had for my VertRefresh. I changed this just to
VertRefresh 60
since that is really the only frequency at which the flat display actually displays things in, and I have no more corruption. I'm guessing what this does is pick a different set of modelines for when choosing lower resolutions; whereas previously it chose a resolution that was at some non-60Hz frequency, now it chooses an alternative that is 60Hz, and everything is golden.
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