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Default Re: Advice on 3dmark03

I too was too worried about the scores. With my rig in my sig below, I hit low 11k's with the card at stock speeds. When I run it at 400/1100 I can do 12k. However, in Far Cry my rig is running quite well and even 1600x1200 "very high quality" no AA/8x AF, I am seeing 65-72fps in the built in Regulator demo, which is phenomenal. Doom3 runs smooth as butter (can't remember my demo speeds). I only wish the Nvidia drivers allowed Triple Buffering so I could run Vsync properly.

Anyways, 12k on 3DMark03 is great for a rig that is not extremely oc'ed on the vid card side. Those 450+ core speeds and 1200+ mem speeds are crazy
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