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Default Re: Xbox game to choose

To be honest, I'd have to choose D: none of the above. Right now, I'm getting excited for a game called Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. It's an Action/RTS game, kinda like the Dynasty Warrior games but with strategy elements. Plus it allows for up to 4 players online, and each player gets a full 5 squad army. It comes out later this month, and it retails for only $40. But if you preorder it at, you can get it for only $26.50 with free shipping!

Aside from that go, I'm not overly excited about Fable (looks kinda generic, to be honest), though I am quite interested in Silent Hill 4. Although I'm worried about some of the things I've heard about the game...I flashlight? Is this Silent Hill we're talking about? Otherwise, Burnout 3 is supposed to be really good, but if you don't like racing games it probably won't change your mind (though the online play sounds fun).
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