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Default Re: John carmack on next game engine.. cool stuff.

Originally Posted by DaveW
Sounds like what happened at the Mac Expo shortly after Doom3 development began. They showed a few demo scenes on the GeForce 3. Everyone was drooling and panicking - "OMG! I have to pre-order a GeForce 3 now (for 500 bucks) to play Doom 3!" and it was 3 1/2 years before we actually saw the game, and you really needed something more than a GF3 to play it on by then.
I think the main difference is that there aren't going to be massive updates to the engine, like there were from Quake3 -> Doom3. The next engine is based on the Doom3 one (why ditch all that effort when you can use the lighting system and such again?)...
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