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Unhappy GeForce4 MX440 "white out" under some applications

I hope this isn't a topic someone has posted on before. I've gone a bit crosseyed reading through the threads and haven't quite seen anything like this so here goes...

My computer has a GeForce4 MX440 graphics card (AMD Athlon XP2600, 15. GB DDR RAM). It had been working find with the nVidia driver I had downloaded, but a couple of months ago something went wrong. For example, when running "Tux Racer" the background color is present and Tux is rendered well, but it looks as if the application "forgot" to add textures to the objects. Now and then there will be a flicker and the screen will appear as it should, but that's only for a brief moment. Also, at the menu screen all images are blocks of white on a blue background.

I have tried running this as a command line in a terminal session to look for any error messages, but none were visible. Today I downloaded and installed the most recent driver, but the problem persists. Is this a software problem or is the graphics card whack?


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