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Default Re: X-Box Doom3 Thread

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I just came to remember many years back when I was new to PC (I come from C128>Amiga etc) I had just built my first PC, p133 with 32mb sdram. A friend of mine (who helped me build my pc) recomended Elderscrolls 2: Dagger fall. So I bought it and it seemd cool and all, me and another friend really thought that game could be something but man! ... Way too many keys you had to use at the same time and on top of that you had to use your mouse to swing your sword!
So we played that game in a sort of CoOp. We took turn so one of us either controlled running/jumping while the other controlled Fighting/Magic (we played on the same keyboard)
I can tell you, Dagger fall was loads of fun playing it with a friend like that
Eventually I learnd how to controll the game by my self, as did my friend.

I just came to think about that when I red: "The only point to co-op in doom 3 for xbox is so that one marine can hold a flashlight while the other fires at whatever he's pointing it at since he wont be able to see anything else"
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