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Default Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?

Originally Posted by v3rninate
I know this is totally off topic but Edge...I see you have DX1 character...i forget..which AI that was...but DAMN I would luv a new Deus Ex on the HL2 engine wouldn't that be nice!?
Yes, that would be Daedelus. Though yeah, a Deus Ex on the HL2 engine would be pretty cool, although it would be disapointing to take a step back from the lighting effects that were in the DX:IW. DX:IW had an OK engine, except it was crap at rendering large environments (like that big open area in the last level, ugh, so choppy), and the performance overall was a bit disapointing. Actually, I could almost see a Deus Ex game in the Doom 3 engine, since it seems to be good at rendering both indoor and outdoor environments. It's quite impressive how flexible ID's engines are, considering games like Heavy Metal:FAKK2 were on the Quake 3 engine, I could definatly see a Deus Ex game on the Doom 3 engine.

Actually speaking about engines, I wonder what the new Elder Scrolls engine supports. From the screenshot it looks like it uses a lot of bumpmapping and soft-shadows, hope it stays that pretty throughout the whole game. Wonder how far the draw distance is...just imagine Morrowind with a Farcry type view range . Actually now that I think about it...didn't Bethesda say that Fallout 3 would use the new ES4 engine? Can't wait to see how that looks!
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