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Default Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?

Originally Posted by msxyz
Worst marketing campaign ever.

They hype their loyal community with a countdown just to announce the obvious (TES IV is in development, it will be out somewhere in the future for PC and next gen consoles...) and NO screenshots, NO real info JUST a crap exclusive deal with a magazine (never heard of it btw) nobody will ever see outside US ?

Meh, and I thought Nvidia PR was teh_evil...
I don't know if you have a Gamestop in italy, but that's where I find them.
Here's what bethesda claims:

"With a circulation of close to two million, it is far and away the most widely read gaming magazine in the world."

Any day now we'll see some scanned screens from subscribers, since game informer say's they shipped to them all ready.
I wonder if they are using shader 3.0, since they are making it for Xbox 2 and Xbox 2 (AFAIK) will be using the ATI r500 which will support it.
Yea, I'm irritated about it, but they did promise to game informer first, and I'm sure we'll see some sceens in a week. Once game informer (after the 20th) officially hit's the news stands, I'd suspect that we'll see even more from bethesda. This count down was probably just to promote game informer.
I just hope they don't screw this game up, by making it linear or something, and to listen to thier forum member's (they have about a quadgillion poll's going on over there, with suggestion's for the up-comming game). Untill the game comes out, I have a feeling that vampires will hold me over.
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