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Default Re: Advice on 3dmark03

OK I got my latest result. Ths is on my 6800GT clocked at 400/1100 and my cpu at 2515mhz. Highest Performance in the Nvidia control panel.

3DMark Score 12209 3DMarks
GT1 - Wings of Fury 286.0 FPS
GT2 - Battle of Proxycon 99.2 FPS
GT3 - Troll's Lair 82.0 FPS

I am happy enough now, back to the real games.
- Westinghouse LVM-37WSE 37", Core2 Duo E6750 @3200mhz, Gigabyte GA-965-DS3 rev 3.3, Tt Big Typhoon, 8gb G-Skill DDR-2 1000, BFG GTX260-OC, 630gb total SATA, Sony DVD-RW SATA, Thermaltake Tsunami, Logitech G11 and MX518, Vista64 Ultimate
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