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Default Linux and win2000 (i fuxx my system!!!)

Hi everybody!!

I'm trying to install win 2000 and linux. Here is my hd partitions:

c: 15GB - > win 2000 (fat 32)
d: 20GB - > (fat 32)
e: 20 GB - > win 2000 (NTFS)
f: 9.5GB - > (fat 32)
g: 512MB - > (fat 32)
h: 15GB - > (fat 32)

As you can see, i have 2 Win2000 oses (c: is for games and e: is for productivity, you know Oracle, Java, .net, MySQL, real life stuff )

I wanted to install redhat (7.3 or 8) on f: and the swap on g.

I installed red hat 7.3 and i chose to format the f: partition with ext 3, and the installation was pretty ok, and after and hour or so, i get linux working with my card, some servers and everything i need it for working in my home.

The problem happened when i rebooted my system and tryed to get into windows. The start of Windows 2000 was so slow that take it 20 minutes!!! And the explorer just didnīt work at all, i mean it listed the ext 3 partition (f) as something unknown.

So i want to play Mafia, and i decided to reformat the linux partition to fat32 again and then windows 2000 worked again really good (as before).

What t' hell is going on with win 2000 and linux!!!

If you know how to install both oses on the same disk, please tell me. Do you think that formatting the partitions with Partition Magic as linux native from win2000 solve the problem? And what is the problem? Why win2000 still listing the linux partition?
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