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Default Re: Tribes : Vengence SP Demo

Its 328.981kb here . btw i never got corrupted download from 3DGamers .

maybe its something wrong with your download manager ?!

as for know bugs .. here they are :


Tribes- Vengence KNOWN ISSUES

* The demo may not run on the systems using the following video cards: ATI
Radeon Plain, 7200,7500.

* It is possible for User to enter game with no control functions that have no
keys assigned, this is NOT recommended.

* Options Menu: selecting 3D sound crashes game to desktop.

* Game crashes when player exits Imperial Fighter pod in Chamber Fighter, where
Imperial Fighter originally comes from.

* Game sometimes crashes to desktop during fight with aircraft.

* Game comes up with a crash dialog box when leaving game.

* Installing under "Windows XP Limited user account" causes failed installation
and non-progression.

* Game cannot be started by user who lacks Administrator access in Windows XP.

* If Daniel's teammates get eliminated and reinforcements arrive early,
entering central bunker player loses life.

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