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Default Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Check this out guys:

Gamefaqs has a board for Oblivion.

And this is especially juicy. This XMX person seems to have the Game Informer magazine already and have TONS of info in this thread:

Read up guys, it sounds amazing
I'm confused?.
That guy with the GI issue say that it would be (the land) smaller than Morrowind (vvardenfell).

"-- They say the game is very very large, but (sadly) it will be smaller than Morrowind for two reasons \/"

But then went on to say that it would be in cyrodiil:

"-- Takes place in Cyrodiil, here’s a quote from GI "the world of Tamriel is a beautiful place: these are, without a doubt, the most amazing graphics the console gaming world has ever seen (look better than doom from the pics I saw)"

But according to this map of tamriel, cyrodill is huge compared to vvardenfell.

Am I wrong on this?.
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