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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

I dont know. I own both games, and I play them @1280 res. Doom on High and Far Cry with 8xAF and now with sm 3.0. Both games are nice to look at.

IMO, Far Cry is more fun to play for me. TBH, I only reached the treehouse section with the first few mutant creatures before City Of Heroes had me for awhile, so I never finished it. Im definately going back to it soon.

Doom looks real good (no surprise there), but never drew me in at all. Ive tried to get into it about 3 or 4 times now but it doesnt hook me like Far Cry. It is immersive and spooky to play in the dark but thats about it. System Shock 2 had better gameplay for a spooky one.

Far Cry was more fun overall. The story (as far as FPS stories go) was much better. The vehicles are a blast when you have them. Deciding how to hit an outpost and executing the attack is fun, even when you get spotted . The music fits the game perfectly as well.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy has always been my preference game-wise. I never wanted normal shooters ala Far Cry, Call of Duty etc. so Doom should have had me over FC. Didnt work that way though ,did it?
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