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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04


I guess its different strokes for different folks. I did not like Doom3. In fact its way over rated IMHO. After the first few maps I had to force my self to play it. It was the same thing over and over again (walk into mostly dark room, hear scary sounds, see glipses of monsters in flash light, change to weapon of choice, fire, fire, fire, reload, moster spawn behind you, fire, fire, ect, rinse repeate for the next 15 levels). There was very little freedom in the game. I got Doom3 the day it came out. I just finnished it last night. There were some things I liked about Doom3. The graphics (when you could see them) were very very good. Except for the point head player models The horror thing they played to a "T" very good job there. I did like the plot and the PDA interaction. Then there were some things that just erked me. Piss poor MP support. I know its a single player game focus but this is ID we are talking about not some fly by night company. They evented MP and they left us hanging with nothing creative with its MP. The whole flash light thing. Yea I know that what they wanted to do but it just does not make any sense at all.

The reason why I liked Farcy was its settings. I though it was a nice change to be able to play outdoors mostly in such a lush enviorment. I also loved the freedom. You could go to almost any where you can see. And most of the out door engagements you were free to play to your style. Got that encampment of mers ahead? You could go rambo style to take them out. You could play mr predator and take them out one at a time, you could do a combo, you could try to come from the back of the camp, ect. And it had some what decent AI. Sure there were times when they did really stupid stuff. But there were other times it made smart moves. And the MP can be fun. It at least does not have the silly default 4 player restriction and more than DM/CTF. Farcry is not with out its flaws (vehicle control is too "picky", over all looks are "cartoony", models are not the grate, some AI flaws, bugs, ect).

So good sir I am gladf you really enjoyed Doom3. And I am not trying to change any ones opinions or views on the two games. I am just saying that not every one enjoyed Doom3 as much as you did......
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