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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

I find that if you're a FPS (first person shooter) purist; you'll like Doom3 more. If you enjoy running around pretty scenic areas and getting sniped by rockets*; you'll like FarCry more.

*I keep seeing mention of how great FarCry's AI is. FarCry's AI is retarded. The enemies are all positioned in areas that immediately fire upon the player. It doesn't matter how far you are. If you're in their FOV, prepare to start dodging rockets. The game becomes an exercise in futility as your opponent's weaponry is too powerful. You'll be doing the save/die/reload shuffle for a lot of the game. IMO, a well-designed game shouldn't "require" a person to constantly save the game. I'm no newbie either. I can just imagine what a person new to the FPS genre would go through.

The trigens are not too bright either. Running over them in a vehicle of your choosing is ridiculously easy, but heaven forbid you should meet them toe-to-toe. Quake1 fiends, anybody?

All in all, the game is just poorly done. It's like the developer designed these gorgeous outside areas and then decided to make a game. The level should be designed with gameplay in mind. This game has poor layout. Very poor.

Save yourself the trouble and delete, FarCry. Reinstall, Jedi Knight: Outcast or Academy, and experience a FPS single player game the way it should be. If you haven't played either of these games; you owe it to yourself to do so.
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