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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

Well, i've finished Far Cry and Doom3

Far Cry.Very inovative, specialy the ability to have almost 100% freedom of movements
Beautifuly designed outdoors scenery, very good balanced interiors
I disagree with the AI bit.Sometimes is John Rambo style mayhem.Shoot at everithing that moves.Don't bread, they will hear you.The mercks will charge you in mass (do like the concept of the team work they got on the merks though)
Trigen are the stuff of nightmare.You need to get almost 1 billion rounds on them (and this is the beginning on Three House) as things advance, it gets harder and harder
And the most disapointing part for me: The ending of the game. I don't know about you guys, but when i did finish the game, it let me, well, flat.I was hopping for something more ...erm...spectacular.Oh well, you can't have everithing

Doom3.Carmak engine.Smooth and functional.Not the best play experience ever, but still extremely enjoyable
Imersive interiors, very opresive and scary.
Yes, again the AI is left wanting, but unfortenately that seems to be the ptoblem with FPS.
On the view of looking at the grapichal detail: Awsome
On gameplay: Yes it could have been better

PS-Yes, i did love the handglidder on Far Cry.That rocked

PS2-Currently playing Soldiers-Heroes of WW2, and i'm loving it
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