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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

I don't think there is anyone here who will say Doom 3 is not a graphical masterpiece. But great graphics do not a great game make. In just about every other aspect of the overall gameplay experience, it falls flat on its pretty face. I was so incredibly bored that I didn't even bother to finish it. Aside from graphics, Doom 3 brought nothing else to the table. My initial rating for the game was a 7, but if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have rated it higher than a 4 or 5. I expected nothing less than greatness from id and I feel terribly disappointed with the effort they've given here.

Far Cry still gets my vote for Game of the Year to this point. Here you have a virtually unknown developer coming in and delivering a (for the most part) outstanding product. While playing Far Cry, I experienced a level of immersion in the game that I hadn't had since Half-Life. Yes, it was frustrating as hell at points, but I never wanted to stop playing. This game delivered a more complete package than Doom 3.

Discounting the Half-Life 2 factor, unfortunately I think all the major publications will get caught up in Carmack fever and give the GOTY award to a product I feel doesn't deserve it.
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